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April 15, 2020



by Brett Denfeld Photography

You may have heard me talk about my new travel Print Shop on Facebook or Instagram! I’m so excited that this travel print shop exists now… it’s been a long time coming! I LOVE to travel and capture the world through my eyes. I have several of my travel photos printed and hung in my home and now for the first time – you can have these destinations on your walls too! Travel Photography now available in prints, canvases, and framed gallery wall art! This “I’ll get to it someday” project is LIVE! (Leave it to a quarantine to get the task complete.)

The gallery features some of my favorite images from the USA and abroad. Places like Paris, London, Porto, Cuba, California, Switzerland, Charleston, and more! Once you click the link you’ll be brought into the folder of some of my favorites! You can search through the other destinations by searching folder by folder!

Keep reading the Print Shop blog for some of my favorite photo groupings to give you ideas and inspiration and a step by step walkthrough example of how to place your order!

What destinations will you bring home?

Click on the link below for your virtual vacation!

Now through April 30th, save 10% on your order of $50+!

You might have a room in mind for the art you see, but if you don’t, here are some ideas to get your wheels turning!

Decoration ideas: 

Updates to your bathroom wall.

Add a dream destination to your night stand.

Favorite print in your bedroom!

Find that empty frame on your bookshelf and fill it with your favorite place!

Friend’s birthday coming up? Easy gift!


Gallery wall Inspiration

If you’re like me, you need a good visual. You need to see some photos together to know how to decorate your wall! Below are some groupings of photos that I believe go well together to give you some inspiration! In each grouping, I’ll let you know which folders within the print shop where you can find the images listed!

I love love love love love the look of a square gallery wall like this! The locations featured here (by row): Charleston, Versailles, Hallstatt-Austria, London, The Italian Alps (Dolomites), Beacon Beach – Encinitas, CA, Austin, Neuschwanstein Castle – Fussen, Germany, DC. These prints are the 10×10 framed canvas prints.

I love these two decorative doors! I love photographing pretty doors and imagining who and what is happening behind them. Find these doors in the print shop from these folders: Germany &  Switzerland.

This quad makes me happy! Charleston, Flowers in the MISC. folder, Richmond, and Charleston.

The Print Shop Link:

I put together a mix of US textures, landscapes, buildings! By Row: Denver, Richmond, NYC, San Antonio, California, Arizona, Virginia, Richmond.


Some favorites from my Porto, Portugal trip!

Scenes from New York City! Obsessed with those two doors in West Village.

travel print shop

Winter prints from a huge snowstorm in Richmond.

Some of my favorite architecture scenes from London & Paris.

Nature vibes from Switzerland, Arizona, California, & Colorado.


I love this collection from Richmond. Gives me some major English castle vibes!

Classic Black and White from some iconic European locations! Westminster – London, The Louvre – Paris, Neuschwanstein Castle – Germany, and Palais Royal – Paris.

Nature textures from: Richmond & Florida. I love these for a bedroom or bathroom!

Another variation of textures all from Florida!

Maybe you don’t like pastel and you want more of a pop! These leafy textures are from Fort Lauderdale, FL!

Love this mix for their green and neutral tone palette! Look in the Print Shop at the Porto, Portugal & Austin, TX folders for these prints!

I liked this quad for their neutral vibes with a pop of color! Porto, Portugal and Cuba for these prints.

Calm and serene series – Misc. folder has these clouds from Virginia and check out California for the beach!

Love this lil California beach duo!

I take a lot of portrait (vertical style) photos – these are some of my favorite landscape (horizontal) photos! All from Paris!


I’m a sucker for doors and textures! Love this mix together: Germany, Porto, Texas, Switzerland.


Another neutral palette trio! Texas, Richmond, Texas.

Another favorite with gold, green, white vibes – all around the world! London, Texas, California, Colorado, Italy, Germany.


I have all of these photos printed and hanging together in my home!! I loveeee them.

Paris, London, Paris

If you like mountains, you like snow, you like trees, you like views…. this is for you! Italy, Denver, Richmond.

Ordering your art

Ordering prints and wall art is simple! Once you click on the link to the print shop – Hover over the words: “Print Store” on the righthand side of the screen then choose a the type of art you’re interested in and it will bring you to the customization screen!

For this example I clicked on “Gallery Frame” – Next choose the photo you’d like to frame.Next you’ll customize the size, frame color, paper texture, and mat color! (You can always change these later!)

Next you’ll see a mock up of your choices! You can adjust the crop or choose another photo and edit the choices if you need to before adding to your cart.

When you’re ready to check out – it will confirm your choices on the left. You can adjust quantities, continue, shopping or head straight to the checkout! Don’t forget your coupon code: STAYHOME for 10% off your order of $50+ when you check out!


This pandemic has left me with lots of uncertainty about when my job will start back up again with usual weddings and portrait sessions. I hope these destinations in the Print Shop bring you happiness in your homes! I’m so thankful for your support in shopping small! I’d love to see how you use your prints and artwork in your home! Tag me on instagram! @bdphotos

Thank you for viewing and shopping in The Print Shop!