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August 21, 2020



Emily and Daniel had me out to their farm last week for their Spotsylvania family session! This family of 4 will be a family of 5 in just two months from now when they will welcome a baby girl, Eve, into their family in October! Dash and Dorian couldn’t be more excited to be big brothers to their little sister! They talked my ear off the whole session, were very good listeners, and had their own cute little boy excitement throughout our session together. They only asked if we were almost done, twice and they did so without crying or running away so I’ll call that a win. Dorian was full of energy and couldn’t stop rolling around on the wet ground… which resulted in him getting mud on his knees in the first two minutes… but instead of Emily freaking out… she just said “oh well… that’s life right?!”… and that’s the kind of go with the flow vibes that I can dig. Emily and I are Hollins sisters – she was a senior the year I was a freshman! Wild that its been 13 years since we had seen each other! I so enjoyed photographing this special time on their property where the kids will grow! I asked the boys what they thought of taking photos after we were finished and they gave me 2 thumbs up. So you’ve heard it here first folks, Brett Denfeld Photography, two thumbs up. Cheers to the McNallys!


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I asked the boys how they felt about having a new sister soon:

It was a hot, hot, HOT, HUMID Virginia day. Mmmkay… how sweet are these boys!?!? Love love love this one! I asked if they had any other ideas before I left and Dash asked if I could take one of them on a swing set and on the top of the fort… so obviously, I did. Thanks for having me to your home in Spotsylvania, McNally fam!

Can’t wait to meet baby Eve someday!

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