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August 18, 2020



Before we get to more photos from this Rappahannock River proposal, let’s start with some back story. Robert grew up on the Rappahannock River and planned out the most epic proposal for my youngest sister, Morgan! Robert and Morgan met nearly 8 years ago in 2012 at Virginia Tech. After graduating from Virginia Tech they dated long distance for a few years then both moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL, three years ago, when Robert started medical school. With the pandemic in full swing, Morgan and Robert been living at our parents home in Northern VA. It’s been really special getting to spend so much time together!

Keep reading for more of this Rappahannock River proposal!

The Planning

Robert’s family lives in Weems, VA and ours in Northern VA so we wanted to plan a family trip where we could get out of town for a little bit and also plan to socially distance with his family. We planned a trip to the Tides Inn and had “plans” to see his family sometime over the weekend. With the guise of a family trip planned, Robert planned the details of the proposal. He knew he wanted to take Morgan on a sunset cruise on the Rappahannock River and do the proposal on a boat under the bridge with the epic sunset in the background. I’ll never forget him saying, “this is about our two families coming together and I want everyone to be there… and Brett, you’re obviously going to be in another boat taking pictures… right?” I was so excited to be asked to be a part of this proposal! Morgan and Robert (and myself!) have been living with our parents in NOVA since the beginning of quarantine. Having secret proposal meetings was HARD with Morgan working right upstairs! When Morgan would leave the house to go on a run, Robert would race downstairs for a quick update/planning session!

Saturday – Proposal Day!

Fast forward to Saturday August 1st! “Be normal” was the mantra. You know the feeling of hyper sensitivity when you know something and you wonder if the other person is catching on? yeah… we ALL felt that! But Morgan swears she was oblivious! She took a nap earlier in the day and I convinced her to sit by the pool so she wouldn’t see my sister and brother in law sneaking by as a surprise for later! After finally convincing Morgan to get ready for an early dinner by 6:30pm (we usually eat pretty late), she was dressed and looking gorgeous as ever when Robert called and said his dad let him borrow his boat and he wanted to take the family out on a quick sunset cruise. Mom, Dad, and I played it off that we had to stay behind so we didn’t lose our reservation. Robert played it extremely well, “are you sure you don’t want to come? okay, suit yourself.” and they were off. Five minutes later, Robert’s brother came by and scooped up my other sister and me and we were off to get in place at the bridge!


The waves were… well let’s just say that I had to really have pep talks with myself about not feeling sea sick. Conrad told us that it would be another 20 minutes until Robert approached and my sister and I looked at each other like… *don’t think about the waves!* FINALLY – we could see their boat approaching and I’ll be honest… I was snapping my camera but I had NO idea if I was actually getting the shot or not because the waves had our boat AND their boat going up and down so quickly! Once Robert popped the question and we could see them hugging we screamed! I could see Morgan saying “Oh my godddd! what!” and laughing/crying so much. I felt electric tingles down my arms watching how happy Morgan and Robert were!! IT WAS EPIC! We ended the night at the Wineland’s home for a socially distanced dinner that his parents generously set up! Mr. Wineland surprised everyone by lighting off fireworks! It was truly a magical night and a wonderful weekend celebration for the future Dr. & Mrs. Wineland!! Cannot WAIT until their wedding next Spring!

At this point we were screaming but I think Morgan thought we were just random people screaming at them.Then Robert points out our boat to Morgan and she realizes it’s actually people she knows in this boat!
We circled their boat for a few more photos and you could hear Morgan saying “oh my gosh, this is crazy… what? this is crazy!”… and also crying a lot of happy tears.
Hahahaha Maverick’s ears!! Still in shock!Picture perfect into the sunset!!

I am always down for proposal adventures! This proposal was SO special to be a part of! Stay tuned for more Morgan and Robert – their engagement photos are coming to the blog next!