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lincoln memorial DC city club wedding

October 18, 2016


lincoln memorial DC city club weddingMARTA & JASON | A CLASSIC DC WEDDING | WASHINGTON, D.C.

No bride WISHES for rain on their wedding day – but you know what?  This classic DC wedding was memorable! After getting ready at the Georgetown Westin, we piled into a limo and took bridal party pictures at the iconic Lincoln Memorial! Can you believe it was my first time taking portraits there!? It was the PERFECT place for portraits! We were shielded from the rain and surrounded by clean white light — okay, now I sound like a photographer… simply: it was beautiful! Marta and Jason built in enough time for photos that we got everything that we needed before heading off to the church. After the ceremony we headed over to the City Club of Washington!

cityclubdcwedding-1_webI like the Irish details on the groom’s ring!!cityclubdcwedding-9_webcityclubdcwedding-2_webcityclubdcwedding-16_webcityclubdcwedding-14_webcityclubdcwedding-15_webcityclubdcwedding-17_webcityclubdcwedding-20_webcityclubdcwedding-23_webJust before the first look it started pouring outside – luckily we found this hallway for the big moment!city-club-of-washington-dc-wedding-1_webcityclubdcwedding-25_webcityclubdcwedding-27_webcityclubdcwedding-28_webcityclubdcwedding-29_webcityclubdcwedding-31_webcityclubdcwedding-32_webcityclubdcwedding-33_weblincoln memorial DC city club weddingcityclubdcwedding-37_webcity-club-of-washington-dc-wedding-4_webcity-club-of-washington-dc-wedding-6_webcity-club-of-washington-dc-wedding-7_webcity-club-of-washington-dc-wedding-10_webSimply beautiful at the Lincoln Memorial! Gorgeous white marble columns and a view of the Washington Menument in the distance!city-club-of-washington-dc-wedding-11_webHow pretty are those iridescent purple bridesmaids dresses!?cityclubdcwedding-42_web

lincoln memorial DC city club weddingcityclubdcwedding-43_webGorgeous, Marta!cityclubdcwedding-52_webI love all the different shades of pink and white in this bouquet!lincoln memorial DC city club weddingcityclubdcwedding-51_weblincoln memorial DC city club weddinglincoln memorial DC city club weddinglincoln memorial DC city club weddingcityclubdcwedding-61_webcityclubdcwedding-68_webGotta give that dress a twirl!lincoln memorial DC city club weddingI could have kept shooting ALL day at the Lincoln!cityclubdcwedding-64_webcityclubdcwedding-71_webcityclubdcwedding-62_webcityclubdcwedding-72_webcityclubdcwedding-73_webcityclubdcwedding-75_web

Check out that ceiling!!!!cityclubdcwedding-76_webcityclubdcwedding-80_webcity-club-of-washington-dc-wedding-13_webSo pretty!!
cityclubdcwedding-82_webcityclubdcwedding-91_webcityclubdcwedding-85_webLaughing because she accidentally said, I take you Jason to be my Wife.cityclubdcwedding-86_webcityclubdcwedding-88_webOfficially Mr & Mrs Leicht!!!cityclubdcwedding-95_webcity-club-of-washington-dc-wedding-19_webcityclubdcwedding-97_webEveryone headed over to The City Club of Washington after the ceremony! Of course we had to take some photos on these pretty stairs!cityclubdcwedding-102_web

city-club-of-washington-dc-wedding-22_webcityclubdcwedding-98_webcityclubdcwedding-100_webCheck out the detail on this cake!!cityclubdcwedding-101_web

Now gets to the crazy part – yes, there’s a crazy part! Marta and Jason came in to do their first dance! Everything was perfect- Marta was laughing and Jason had the biggest smile on his face! Not long after, Jason dipped Marta and she let out a scream! … come to find out a few days later… she tore the ligaments in her knee. Yikes! For the rest of the evening’s events she sat at her table. When she felt strong enough, she and Jason cut the cake and she stood for the father daughter dance. Poor thing!!!!cityclubdcwedding-105_webcityclubdcwedding-106_webcityclubdcwedding-109_webcityclubdcwedding-110_webcityclubdcwedding-111_webEven with a knee in pain – she kept a smile on her face!cityclubdcwedding-112_webcityclubdcwedding-116_webcityclubdcwedding-117_webcityclubdcwedding-120_webcityclubdcwedding-123_web


Thank you, Marta & Jason for letting me be apart of your big day!!


Venue: The City Club of Washington

Coordination: B.Mingled Weddings & Events

Flowers: Petal’s Edge 

Cake: Gateau

Hair: KC Felton

Makeup: Heather Wombacher

DJ: Olivera Music

Limo Transportation: Alvaro Renteria


xoxo bd

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