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July 31, 2018


Ever since I moved to Richmond, I’ve been spending my mornings and some afternoons wandering around the streets of the city! I live in Scott’s Addition – the up and coming section of town with a stone’s throw to several breweries, old warehouses and factories made into apartments, and restaurants popping up nearly every week. While I live there, there aren’t that many trees so on these warm summer days, I walk across the street and I’m suddenly under huge trees lining every street! I’ve been learning my way around the Fan and the Museum Districts and falling in love with nearly ever turn I take! It was fun, and also extremely muggy, walking around the Fan with Casey and Elliot a few weeks discovering even more “secret” locations! I’m keeping a huge list on my phone of photo spots to come back to!

As a florist, Casey created a beautiful flower crown to wear for her session with Elliot!

Casey: “Is this flower crown too extra?” Me: “You’re a florist so I think it’s just extra enough.” haha

Here are my favorites from our walk around the Fan!

We were waking down… well, I forget what street… and were about to walk past this super cool alley! I was like… I know it might not look like much… but TRUST ME! Stone, brick, crawling ivy?! I’m. so. there. it’s. insane. (10 points if you know what movie that’s from!)

Casey and Elliot met doing comedy at the Coalition Theater in Richmond! Casey: “I saw him and he was cuuuuute!” THOSE HYDRANGEAS THO…

Can’t wait to book more sessions around town – contact me to set up your own session!

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