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October 25, 2018



Okay Kayla! Are you actually a model!? Kayla was SO natural in front of the camera and so fun to photograph! Three years ago, I met Kayla when I shot her sister’s senior photos (click here to see Kendall’s session!) I can’t believe how fast time flies!!! We shot some photos around some of my favorite spots around Middleburg and discovered some new places of our own!! Give me all the ivyyyy! Then we popped out of Middleburg to find a field! I didn’t have a specific spot in mind so I kept my eyes peeled as I drove so I could pull off when I found a good spot! We pulled off the side of the road by this pretty classic black fence then popped over on the other side into some tall grass and then… well you’ll just have to keep reading to find out what had us laughing.

Keep scrolling for my favorites from Kayla’s Middleburg senior session!

This girl has S T Y L E! dangggg girl! One of my favorites! Power pose! Can you believe Kayla’s hair is just NATURALLY curly/wavy like that?! When you discover the cutest little area in Middleburg…  Had to take a pic with her mom and sister, Kendall, whose senior photos I took 3 years ago!!! Okay… love this one too.

Yassss girl! Okay, actually I’m obsessed with this one. We started laughing because we ran across the street to get to this field. Then I made her sit but she had to sit on her coat because the ground was wet. Then out of NOWHERE this dude on a bike cycles out of the woods and past us… I guess you had to be there… it was just really funny!

Yay Kayla! I had so much fun with you!!! Good luck with college apps!

  1. Dorothy says:

    Love these photos but……..
    I wanted to see the Dude on the bike!

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