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July 3, 2019



As much as I love taking photos of people, I also LOVE taking pictures of buildings, doors, and studying architecture. I experimented with some film over the earlier part of this year and this is what I’ve come up with! Here are some film images around Richmond, New York City, Washington DC, and Portugal! Shooting on film was also a test in patience! Unlike digital, you have to WAIT to see your final product. With film you have to send the film away to get developed and see your images a week later! Let me tell ya, receiving them through email is like Christmas morning!

While shooting film, I decided to only take one photo of each “thing” I was taking a photo of which made me really concentrate on WHAT I wanted to capture. I took my time to take each shot. It’s a lesson that I have started implementing on wedding days as well! Instead of snapping 10000 images in a row at a time, I’ve been a little more planned and intentional with shooting. Sometimes, I do shoot “fast” but other times, I’ll take a little longer to set up a shot and take 2 shots versus 10. It also saves me time with editing and post-production turn around.

So the question is, will I start incorporating film into wedding days? The jury is still out on that one! I’ve been toying around with the idea of it. It definitely creates a different look to the work than what my normal digital looks like. I still want my brand and wedding images to be cohesive so we’ll see what happens with it. Right now, it’s a fun little side gig to try here and there!

I would love to hear your feedback about which film images you like the best! I definitely have my favorites!!



Can we just all agree that Virginia House looks like it’s straight outta Europe?!

 I love wandering around the Fan in Richmond! There are so many cute houses! You know me and boxwoods. Enough said.  Can someone please hire me for a wedding here?! This place is unreal. Tried to capture the beauty of those cherry blossom trees! This shot is so dreamy to me! My beautiful friend, Alana, in the cherry blossoms!!  Erica & the blossoms! Agecroft Hall – another beautiful historic home in Richmond! The next 16 frames were taken on a Contax 645! Virginia House again – dreamy again, righttttt   The Branch Museum!  I’m obsessed with the windows at the Branch Museum! Reminds me of Beauty and the Beast or something  I walk by this house on all of my morning walks… might as well snag a picture right?! duh.  Okay literally OBSESSED with this house on Monument Ave. The columns, the ivy, the window detail, the wrought iron… I printed this and it’s in my apt. no shame.

Porto, Portugal – Fuji 400

I already shared all of these on my blog about Porto but here are a few of my favorites, again!

 Freakin obsessed with this one! I already loved the red doors and then this guy in the striped shirt popped out and I snapped it right then because I didn’t want him to go away! I also thought it was cool how a few doors up there was a striped rug or umbrella or something in the doorway too!Look how freakin STILL the Douro River is!!  I was a little surprised to see palm trees on the driveway to the winery we visited! I thought they looked pretty with the golden hour light was shining on them. Okay, idk what it is about me with random Porto dudes in photos… but I LOVE this one too!! There were so many people walking by but I waited for the PERFECT moment for this old man to be the only person in the frame!

New York City – Portra 400

The windows on this building are crazy! I’ve always loved this door on Bleecker Street! It definitely has those Porto tile vibes!Does this door not scream Sex in the City?! I love this red door! West Village has so much charm!  This color palette is definitely very neutral but I loved the navy door and the dried magnolia leaves. I just HAD to stop and take a quick photo! I was leaning over a car to get this shot! haha NYC makes fire escapes look good. Notice that detail in the street light as well – feels like a different time! See what I mean? Cute fire escapes again! I turned the above image to BW in post just to see if I would like it… turns out I do. I always love black and white images! I also stood on that corner WAITING to get a yellow cab in my shot with One World Trade. It’s not NYC if there’s not a yellow taxi in the photo, am I right?! *sees boxwoods & ivy. takes photo of boxwoods & ivy.* Okay I lied. I did take two photos of this.  I only had 5 more minutes to walk around before I needed to run to my train so I was like… something cool, please appear! and well, thanks!


After my mom picked me up from the train station in DC, I had a few more frames from my Portra 400 roll from NYC so I hopped out at the Library of Congress to snap a few frames.  Then I made her park so we could get out and I could take THIS photo which I am OBSESSED WITH!

That’s is for the first BDPHOTOS tryin’ film blog post! I hope to try some film at a wedding this year and see how the results turn out!!