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July 7, 2020




I’m 100% partial to loving this session because Megan and Ryan are my family! Megan is my cousin and Ryan has been family for a long time – but now they’re making it official this year! Capturing family moments is so special to me because I get to celebrate with them through every part of this engagement season and throughout the whole wedding day!

Megan and Ryan met in college the Spring of their freshman year at a baseball game! They enjoyed each others company and soon after Ryan convinced Megan to join his intramural softball team. ” And, being the competitive person I am, I accepted. I was awful and Ryan was such a show off.” Obviously something stuck because even after refusing to date him at first, Ryan finally pushed through all the “NOs” and the pair became official at the start of their sophomore year. “Ryan was my rock all throughout nursing school, and I was his constant reminder to do his homework. Looking back on college, my favorite memory is falling in love with him.” OKAY. MELT.

After four years of dating, Ryan proposed while on a trip to Cabo. “Initially, I was totally against the idea of getting engaged in another country, which I sold so well to Megan! Partially because I had barely left Virginia before, but also, the thought of carrying a diamond ring with me through customs, onto a plane, and into a foreign country absolutely terrified me!” He managed to get over his nerves and proposed before dinner one night at Flora Farms in Cabo. He set up a “private tour” that led them into the Mango Grove where there were flowers, string lights, and photos of the two of them set up on a table. Megan says she remembers seeing the flowers but nothing connected until she turned around and Ryan was on one knee!

I loved every second of this Middleburg engagement session because 1, I love Middleburg and 2, it was my first engagement session since the start of the pandemic! So I was BACK in action with a couple that I love in a location that I love and we scored an absolutely dreamy setting for golden hour sunset photos!!

Keep scrolling for this Middleburg engagement session!

Love this shot! This spot is one of my favorites in Middleburg! Look at that glowy light! would you believe we were standing in a parking lot of this photo?! Chasing that glowy light wherever it decides to show up. Giving me English country vibes…

This location was cool!! Plus there weren’t any cars parked on the street so I was able to get a nice wide photo without any distractions!

Ooooo girl – ring envy! Giving me those Rom-Com vibessss  I don’t even think you’re ready for thissss. We were on the hunt for a nice open space for golden hour and unfortunately the drive to Salamander Resort was CLOSED so we sped (jk we drove the speed limit) out of Middleburg and I told Ryan to be alert if I decided to stop. I saw golden light spilling into this field and pulled over immediately and BEHOLD: Literally – golden hour dreams. Catch me posting this photo everywhere because I love it so much. That’s it for this Middleburg (and random golden hour field on the side of the road) engagement session! ILY Megan and Ryan! Can’t wait for your wedding day celebration at Great Marsh Estate this Fall! XO

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